Avocado Vegan Lip Balm


Hydrate your lips in a single swipe with our moisture-rich Avocado Lip Balm!

Why you'll love it: Avocado Lip Balm is a vegan lip balm made with natural ingredients.

Why you need it: Regular use gives your lips a softer and more nourished feeling, resulting in healthier-looking lips all day long.

We've combined avocado oil with shea butter, cocoa butter, and jojoba butter to provide your lips with the nutrients they need for repair and nourishment.

Our lip balm is moisturizing but not sticky, and it leaves your lips feeling soft and smooth.

✦  Moisturizing
✦  Nourishing
✦  Made with Natural Ingredients
✦  Vegan

*Try for 90 days risk-free! 90-day money back guarantee on first orders only. 30 day money back guarantee on subsequent orders.

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